Plant-based fertilizer & biostimulant.

Nutribud is a single ingredient plant-based fertilizer and bio stimulant that contains 90% of all macro and micro nutrients necessary to sustain any plant growth.

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Nutribud Is An Organic, All Natural Bio-Food For Your Plants!

Using Nutribud eliminates the threat of chemical fertilizer residue on your plants.

Life Friendly. No Chemicals. No additives.

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Nutribud is an extract made from the leaf of a tree that grows in the semi-tropical jungles of South America. We import this life giving leaf and produce a concentrate using only natural methods.

Commercial Greenhouse Operations
Home Vegetable Gardens
Anything that grows on Mother Earth!
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Why Nutribud?

Our mission is to deliver food and nutrition to plants, just as they would receive in the forest, or the jungle floor, which is better for the plants, the animals that consume them, and our world.

Natural Plant Nutrition

Chemical free plant life is the goal. With Nutribud, you remove the threat of chemical residue present in house plants, fruit and vegetable gardens, or natural medicines grown at home.

100% Organic Material

Nutribud is an organic single-ingredient plant-based bio stimulant and fertilizer that contains 90% of all nutrients necessary to sustain any plant growth.

"I wanted to write you and say I am a believer in your product. I received a sample and used it on a very special plant my mother gave me years ago.  After the first couple of uses, I could see the difference. My plant flourished, new big leaves, seems to keep the soil moist longer for some reason.

Bill C.  —  Coeur d' Alene

"As a commercial grower, I was happy to get turned on to your product. For the past 5 years, I have used synthetic fertilizers. I had a friend tell me about your Nutribud and thought I would try it on a portion of my operation. The results were amazing."

Jerry G.  —  San Bernardino, CA

"Since I planted my last crop, I've been using Nutribud on a set of specific plants to test the effectiveness. The plants I used Nutribud on were better looking, had less problems and the end product was amazing. Thank you Nutribud. A true believer!"

Bob L.  —  Denver, CO