Our results speak for themselves.

At Nutribud, we want to hear how our product has impacted your home or business. We care about our customers thoughts, comments and concerns. Below are testimonials from customers who have also seen the positive benefits of using Nutribud in their home or business.

Clients About Us

"I wanted to write you and say I am a believer in your product. I received a sample and used it on a very special plant my mother gave me years ago. Through the years of life and moving, the poor old plant was not doing very well. I mixed up the Nutribud in a plastic gallon milk container.

After the first couple of uses, I could see the difference. My plant flourished, new big leaves, seems to keep the soil moist longer for some reason. Thank you again. Happy to find your fertilizer"

Bill C. /  Coeur d'Alene, ID

"As a commercial grower, I was happy to get turned on to your product. For the past 5 years, I have used synthetic fertilizers. I had a friend tell me about your Nutribud and thought I would try it on a portion of my operation. The results were amazing. Not only did I not have to mix 10 different synthetics throughout the whole growing cycle, I saved a lot of money.

Beyond the increase in yield and the savings. What Nutribud did for me was to give me the piece of mind that I would not have my crop rejected by the retailers because of chemical residue present in the end crop. I can continue to grow my business with the confidence I will not loose a big cash investment, no chemical residue is present."

Jerry G.  /  San Bernardino, CA

"Dan, your product is amazing. Since I planted my last crop, I have been using Nutribud on a set of specific Plants to test the effectiveness. I was amazed that after all phases of the growing lifecycle, the plants I used Nutribud on were better looking, had less problems and the end product was amazing. Thank you Nutribud. A true believer!"

Bob L. /  Denver, CO