What is Nutribud?

Nutribud is made from the leaf of a tree that comes from the semi-tropical jungles of South America. We import the raw material and make the extract at our facility.

We take the dried leaf and run it through our proprietary extraction process. This is an all-natural process that maintains the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for optimum growth.

Naturally-occurring is the key phrase here. The following nutrients are naturally present in the extract: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, manganese, copper. Nothing is added. Only what nature intended!

Why is it important to not use chemical fertilizers around your family, pets or friends?

In commercial grow operations, using organic fertilizers assures the owner they will not loose their crops because of chemical residue present after harvesting. Chemical and synthetic fertilizers are not safe for the environment, animals or humans. Chemicals work their way into our food from the garden, fruit from our trees and in the vegetation our animals may chew on.

Because of a long connection with cancer issues, we want to keep them far away from our families, animals and friends. Chemical and synthetic fertilizers leach into the ground and contaminate our ground water, rivers, wetlands and lakes.

How should I use Nutribud?

New Seedlings: Water every 4 days or just at the point where the soil starts to dry out.

New Plantings: Wait until the soil is slightly dried out and the plant begins to get droopy. Water with Nutribud so your plants get the macro and micro nutrients.

Use approximately 8 to 12 ounces of Nutribud per plant depending on the size.

How do you mix Nutribud?

Shake the Nutribud container vigorously. Nutribud is a concentrate. Mix one Gallon of Water to one ounce of Nutribud. During the budding phase, mix two ounces of Nutribud to one gallon of water.